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NJ Fjord Discovered

Following research the wreck of the steamship NJ Fjord has been located. On Wednesday 19th June 2013 the charter boat Jacob George set out from Eyemouth. Skippered by Iain Easingwood of Marine Quest, the boat travelled over 55 miles offshore to the site and successfully placed a team of divers on the previously unknown mark. Based on the evidence retrieved by the group it was possible to identify the wreck as the NJ Fjord of the Danish DFDS Steam Ship line. The vessel was the catalyst that brought together the opposing fleets at the Battle of Jutland when both sides sent scouts to investigate her. She survived her encounter with the 2 fleets but was later scuttled by the German Submarine UC-31 on the 5th April 1917. Today the wreck is largely intact and sits upright in approximately 70m of water. On the day the team encountered exceptional visibility in excess of 25m and experienced large shoals of fish covering the entire wreck.   NJ Fjord Dive

Boat Crew

Iain Easingwood

Jim Easingwood

Dive Team

Peter Baker

Simon Kay

Mark Byrne

Brian GoddardNJ Fjord

Dave Morgan

John Martz

Ric Waring