Marine Quest – inspiring diving around St Abbs, Eyemouth and the Firth of Forth. The Harbourside – first-class accommodation for divers and walkers.

Spring 2016 Gas Diving Spaces


Saturday 19th March
U714 (57m)

0800 R.O.
10 spaces

Sunday 20th March
HMS Pathfinder (64m)

0830 R.O.
10 spaces

Easter Weekend

Friday 25th March
HMS K-17 (53m)

0900 R.O.

Saturday 26th March
Boynne Castle (53m)

1000 R.O.

Sunday 27th March
Exmouth (55m)

0900 R.O.

Monday 28th March
U-12 (53m)

1100 R.O.
3 spaces

Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd April
Patrol Boat Weekend

HMT Fortuna (54m) & HMT Cramond Island (65m)
Both Boats where sank on the 2-4-1941, 75 Years to the day.
4 spaces

Saturday 16th April
Venus (56m)

1200 R.O.
9 spaces

Sunday 17th April
Tillycorthie (56m)

0730 R.O.
10 spaces

Saturday 23rd April
Burnstone (53m)

0900 R.O.
10 spaces

Sunday 24th April
U-12 (47m)

1030 R.O.
10 spaces

Saturday 7th May
HMS Pathfinder (64m)

1100 R.O.
10 spaces

Sunday 8th May
Unknown Offshore (66m)

1000 R.O.
10 spaces

17th & 18th May
U-74 (45m) 100th Anniversary of the sinking
Sabbia (54m) the only ship to be sunk by the U-74 on the 20th April 1916
8 spaces

28th – 30th May
‘HMS Weekend’
HMS Pathfinder (64m), HMS Blackmorevale (62m) & HMS St Briac (62m)
5 spaces