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Type: U-Boat
Date of loss: 10/03/1915
Depth (seabed): 47m
As seen on National TV and press and heard on National radio! Noted international historian Clive Cussler was thought to have found the wreck in 1984 after only a couple of hours searching. However, previous dives on admiralty positions and the position given by Cussler have proved fruitless in submarines, but bountiful in steamships. The wreck itself has great historical importance as it was the first submarine to have an aeroplane carried on itÍs deck for deployment at sea, an unusual concept, which proved to be a limited experiment for this boat. An early WW1 design of submarine, U12 had a two stroke engine running on kerosene (paraffin) driving twin stern propellers. The wreck is lying bolt upright on a seabed of fine sand which bounces the light making for year round visibility in the region of 15m.
U12 and U1